Thursday, March 1, 2012

Other People's Food

My wife gets on to me when we're at restaurants for craning my neck to peer at passing plates or even openly gawking at what is being eaten at the table next to me.  Is this rude?  Really?  My favorites are the neighboring tables that start conversations about what each of us ordered and what else we've tried/recommend off of the menu.  The patrons at Company Cafe and Jonathon's Oak Cliff have been the most talkative... and there is plenty to talk about with their menus.

When my mind starts runs out of ideas and I can't find inspiration on my bookshelf or by wandering the grocery store... I wander the internet, the world's biggest free cookbook.  Listed below are a couple of the recipes that have supplemented the menu in my house the last few weeks...

Bacon Wrapped Smoky Chicken Thighs
I'll wrap bacon around just about anything.  Figs, dates, chicken livers... not sure why it hadn't occurred to me to try it with chicken thighs.  I skipped the "smoky spice blend" and just wrapped the thighs in jalapeno bacon.  Simplicity = Awesomeness.

Enchilada Chicken Stew
Made a crockpot of this a couple of weeks ago and ate it for lunch all week.  I thought it would be good (in theory, how could it not be)... and it was better than I could have imagined.  Makes the house smell great, too... like an enchilada scented candle.

enchilada stew2

Then, there is shepherd's pie.  We had company over this weekend and rolled out a variation of a couple of different paleo versions I found online.  Why didn't I post the link to one of the recipes?  Because the recipes were wrong.  Okay, that sounds harsh... but let's say you make a "bacon" out of turkey... I think you have to call it "turkey bacon"... right?  Well, if you use beef in "shepherd's pie" it becomes "cottage pie."  By changing the meat, you are changing the very essence of the meal.  Next thing, you'll be trying to sub in tofu while saying it's close enough to meat, and... I shudder to think of such horrors!  Let's just nip this one in the bud and end the madness before it starts.

Why haven't I posted my version of shepherd's pie?  We ate it before I could take pictures.  It'll be a project for this weekend.  That... and finding something to do with the ridiculous amount of chard and parsley we harvested this past weekend (while prepping our vegetable garden for spring).

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