Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bacon Rosemary Cod

I haven't done anything with seafood in a while.  I take that back.  I haven't posted anything to do with seafood in awhile.  I made salmon cakes a couple of weeks back.  On the plus side, they tasted great!  They just weren't very appealing to the eye.  Worth trying again later, though. 

You may or may not have noticed... I'll wrap bacon around just about anything.  Dates, eggs, chicken livers (a-frickin'-mazing)... and fish.  Looking at this recipe, instead of cod, you could probably sub in chicken tenders or some sort of lean beef cut into strips.  But, cod plays nicely in this dish.  It has a good, firm texture and it's not a fishy fish (for those who complain about such things).  And, considering the fact that my freezer is stocked with the 2.5 pounds of the cod I bought at Sam's... it's time to make cod.

To prepare...

Bacon Rosemary Cod
Makes 4 servings

What you'll need:

An oven preheated to 375
Baking dish


4 pieces of cod loin (I used 5 ounce pieces)
4-8 rosemary sprigs (as long as the cod loins)
4 strips of bacon
Salt and pepper to taste

Pat your cod loins dry.  Season lightly with salt and pepper.  Lay the 1 or 2 rosemary sprigs across the top of each cod loin.  Secure the rosemary to the cod loin by wrapping a strip of bacon around the whole thing.  Place the bacon wrapped pieces of cod in a baking dish.  Place the dish on the middle rack of your 375 degree oven.  After 15 minutes, turn on the broiler in your oven.  Let the bacon brown and crisp for at least 5 minutes under the broiler.  Remove the dish when the bacon is crisped to your satisfaction.

Before cutting into your cod, remove the rosemary stem by simply pulling it from one end.  Some of the needles will stay tucked in between the bacon and cod.  Eat them.  Rosemary is good for you.  The cod shown below was served with garlic butter wilted kale.  I love butter... and bacon.  Kale is pretty good in my book, too.  This made me happy.

Ladies and gentlemen, bacon rosemary cod.

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