Sunday, October 30, 2011

Egg Muffins

Looking for a quick breakfast idea that (for some reason) doesn’t involve bacon?  What follows is a versatile recipe that can be customized to your taste.  Much like I do with my Bacon Wrapped Eggs, I make a batch of these on Sunday, put them in baggies, and eat them for breakfast throughout the work week.  The recipe that follows helped me start looking at breakfast differently.  Months later, I am still experimenting with different ingredients and flavors.  But, here is my standard recipe for…

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whole 30 Challenge (Day 9) - Knowing Your Environment

One week into the Whole 30 and I’m hearing a number of interesting things from other folks in the midst of it… about the successes and their struggles... and the sources of them.  Some feel like they are surrounded by naysayers and bad influences making it difficult to succeed and maintain the course of the Whole 30 challenge.
Paleolithic man was probably more successful when hunting on land he was familiar with.  The Boston Red Sox left fielder will likely play fly balls off the Green Monster better than the visiting left fielder.  The Fighting Texas Aggie football team responds better to the cheers of their fans at Kyle Field than they do to the taunts of an opposing fan base.  Most teams and athletes perform better when they have the home field advantage.  This concept transcends sports and enters everyday life in so many ways we may not immediately recognize.  In terms of eating well and living a healthy lifestyle, knowing your environment can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.  In order to give yourself a home field advantage...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Whole 30 Challenge

As part of my effort to progress toward the healthiest possible version of myself, I am embarking on a Whole 30 Challenge being put on by CrossFit White Rock.  While this blog, as a whole, will be Primal throughout its life… for the next few weeks I will be eating strictly Paleo while following the Whole 9 guidelines prescribed for this challenge.  [I’ll dive into the differences between (and my opinions on) Primal, Paleo and other similar lifestyles later.]

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Eggs

 “What am I supposed to eat for breakfast?”  It was one of the first questions I had when trying to make changes in my diet.  A bowl of cereal, a toaster pastry, donuts, meal replacement bars and drive-thru windows were all so quick and easy.  I didn’t have time to make an omelet every morning.  I didn’t want to clean up the mess from cooking (or leave it in the sink) every day. 

Do some of these concerns (excuses) sound familiar?  When I first started working toward a healthier breakfast, I was cooking a week’s worth of bacon on the stovetop and frying a dozen eggs over hard in bacon grease.  I found this to be messy and hard to eat on the go.  After a couple of weeks, I started cooking my bacon in the oven and my eggs in a greased muffin pan.  After another week or so and an inspiring conversation with a friend at the gym, I came up with…

In The Beginning...

In the beginning… I weighed in at 217 pounds.  At least, that’s what the scale said the last time I made the effort to stand on it.  Who knows? I may have packed on a few more pounds with stress eating in the days that followed.  But for the purpose of measurement and tracking, 217 was my starting point.