Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Green Soup

I'll always encourage folks to eat the seasons.  I try to do so as much as possible by participating in a local CSA and growing fruit and veg in my backyard.  The coolers of veg we've been getting this time of year are brimming with greens.  As much as I LOVE wilted greens (cooked in bacon grease, chicken fat, Kerrygold, etc.), I need other options.  Enter: my wife.

She doesn't cook too often.  While I do 80-90% of the cooking in our house, her less frequent contributions are awesome.  This recipe of hers has been a staple in our house during the springtime for at least a couple of years now.

Monday, April 16, 2012

"Horchata" Protein Shake

Horchata is a sweet Mexican rice milk... somewhat of an "agua fresca." The homemade stuff you'll find in little taquerias all across this state is made with rice, milk... and sugar.  Hmmm... at least one of these things strikes me as "not very paleo or primal."

One of the guys I work with comes up to me and asks where I got the horchata I'm drinking. I looked down at my protein "shake" and thought about correcting him. But, after thinking about it for a half second... the way I mix my protein looks, smells, and kind of tastes like horchata. So, this is either an accidental recipe for faux horchata or an intentional recipe for how I drink my protein.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Get Started in "Paleo"... and Where It Leads

There are 100+ ways to define paleo. Primal is just a more specific version. And while my paleo kitchen may not even match up ideologically with some of the other folks I swap recipes and produce with... it all falls under the same paleo template. Look... What works for me may not work exactly as well for you. We're all built and wired (physically, mentally and emotionally) differently.

I had a friend call me the other day and ask me what I've been doing to get healthier. He's put on some extra weight and is now frustrated to the point where he's willing to try what has worked for me. Which begged the question... How do I explain to him what worked for me? I decided to keep it simple. Below is the one page summary (italicized) that I sent him... my best effort to spell out what a paleo/primal lifestyle requires.