Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Whole 30 Challenge

As part of my effort to progress toward the healthiest possible version of myself, I am embarking on a Whole 30 Challenge being put on by CrossFit White Rock.  While this blog, as a whole, will be Primal throughout its life… for the next few weeks I will be eating strictly Paleo while following the Whole 9 guidelines prescribed for this challenge.  [I’ll dive into the differences between (and my opinions on) Primal, Paleo and other similar lifestyles later.]

While I have been eating Primal six days a week for the last six months, the next 30 days will be taking things a step further.  In addition to the breads, pastas, grains, sugars and potatoes I have already been avoiding, I will be eliminating dairy, alcohol, and protein shakes.  This is also for 30 straight days… No Tim Ferris-esque cheat days for the next month.  No 80-20 split like Mark’s Daily Apple recommends.  An unbroken 30 days. 

No cream in my coffee.  No stevia, either.  No gum.  And, no occasional beer on the weekend.  While it may sound difficult, the good folks at Whole 9 are quick to remind us, “Don’t you dare tell us this is hard.  Giving up heroin is hard.  Beating cancer is hard.  Drinking your coffee black.  Is.  Not.  Hard.”  When in the midst of any elimination challenge, it is easy to let the restrictions overshadow all of the things that are still allowed. 

Knowing this was on my horizon, I went to the State Fair of Texas this weekend and had a little fried fun.  I had a couple of adult beverages, too.  And, some queso.  The end result of all of this was “fun” an upset stomach and the desire to start 30 straight days of clean eating.

Good luck to everyone else at CFWR taking part in the challenge.  While I hope we all make it to the end successfully, if you should stumble, I look forward to your share of the pot.

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