Thursday, February 23, 2012

Upcoming Primal/Paleo Events in Texas

There's always something going on, but the events below are a little bigger than a local paleo potluck or Whole 30 Challange info session.  Houston, Dallas and Austin are each hosting an event... and all of these events are coming up in March.

First on the calendar is Paleo FX in Austin, March 14-17. 

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't geeking out about this.  At least once a week, I print up a new copy of the tentative speaking schedule and attack it with a highlighter.  And each week, it seems I get more excited about something new on the schedule.  Speakers will include Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, Sarah Fragoso, Lane Sebring MD, Melissa & Dallas Hartwig, Melissa Joulwan, and John Welbourn.  That's not even half of the names I have highlighted on my schedule.

I recommend registering soon, as the all too well known SXSW music festival will be going on at the same time in Austin.  Book your hotel room yesterday.
Next up on the calendar is a double shot from Mark's Daily Apple, with Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminars on back to back nights.  The presentation will be in Houston on Wednesday night, March 28... and Dallas on Thursday night, March 29.  This 3-hour crash course in the Primal lifestyle is great for those in the Houston/Dallas area that may have missed out on the day long seminars that hopped around the country last year... and is a little friendlier to the wallet.

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